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No Facebook Uploading For You

Isn’t this just the way? We worked hard for ages on new features for Photo Mechanic 6 like the built-in Facebook uploader. We’d wanted to provide this feature for a while, so it was completed early on in the process. Unfortunately, between the time that we tested and finished the feature and the time we launched Photo Mechanic 6, Facebook went and disabled the ability to directly upload from all desktop applications entirely. Oops! Even apps like Lightroom Classic CC can no longer post directly to FB. We all know how mercurial Facebook can be, so we just have to chalk it up to the whims of the big blue f. In the meantime, did you know you can drag right from Photo Mechanic to a browser window? This requires already having Facebook open in your browser, but it’s still pretty fast.

We’d mentioned adding FB to our Uploader feature in the marketing for the new version, so we hope this didn’t cause too much trouble for folks. Hopefully the speed of Photo Mechanic 6 in other areas makes up for this. Keep on photographing!

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