New in Photo Mechanic

  • 64-Bit

    Photo Mechanic is now a 64-bit application, which allows more and better caching of images to keep you working at your fastest

  • Faster Viewing

    Image caching improvements increases thumbnail / preview generation speed by approximately 2-3x

  • Ingest from Selection

    Copy only the images you need from your memory card to your hard drive

  • Streamlined UI

    We’ve taken your feedback and improved the interface to make it more efficient, less distracting, and easier to use

  • Better Fullscreen

    Fullscreen support on macOS and Windows for both the Contact Sheet and Preview windows (including both at same time on different monitors)

  • Reverse Geocoding

    If your photos are geotagged, Photo Mechanic will use those GPS coordinates to insert the city, state, and country names into your metadata

  • Better Crop tool

    A new grid helps you crop to your best composition, then press ‘p’ to preview a crop quickly.

  • Better Slide Shows

    Now with multiple transitions including crossfade and add Tag, Color Class or Star Ratings during a Slide Show

  • Hot Codes

    This powerful feature saves tons of time for the hardcore Code Replacement users
    (See the blog!)

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