New in Photo Mechanic

  • All-in-One Installation

    The standard Photo Mechanic or Photo Mechanic Plus? Subscription or Perpetual license? Now, there's just one installer.

  • WebP Support

    Vew .webp files or save your raw files as .webp files for effecient space-saving use on the Web.

  • Manage License Activations

    Each Photo Mechanic allows activation on up to two computers (i.e. desktop in the studio and laptop in the field.) With our new licensing platform, you can manage these activations on demand without having to contact customer support.

  • Easier software updates on macOS

    Update to the latest version of Photo Mechanic in place (only on macOS) without having to download a new installer, making updating faster and easier.

  • Updated Application Icon

    The new Photo Mechanic app icon conforms to current OS guidelines and brings back the classic RGB aperture blades by popular demand.

  • Subscription or Perpetual? Choose what's right for you

    Photo Mechanic is now available either as an annual or monthly subscription, or a perpetual license at a one-time cost with updates for one year.

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