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Press Release: Camera Bits Announces Availability of Photo Mechanic 6

Portland, OR—March 25, 2019 ​Camera Bits​ today announced the release of ​Photo Mechanic® 6​, now a 64-bit application that boasts up to 2-3X faster speeds, a new ingest-from- selection capability based on heavy customer feedback, an updated and streamlined UI, and much more. ​New users can access a free, 30-day trial by clicking ​here​.
Photo Mechanic is a fast photo browser designed to manage large amounts of incoming photos as quickly as possible. Photo Mechanic is revered by professional photographers worldwide, who use it to sort, cull, rename, and add metadata to lots of files fast, then transfer to pixel editing applications, online gallery sites, or directly to clients.

“Quick access to my files is the lifeblood of our business. The speed, flexibility, and dependability of Photo Mechanic 6 just took a huge leap forward. For example, working with a giant file from the Nikon Z7 including stills and video, PhotoMechanic 6 zips right through them, and brings them up in a snap. This gives me a huge edge when working with clients,” said professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador ​Moose Peterson​.
To celebrate Photo Mechanic 6, Camera Bits has partnered with Sony, Spider Holster, Fundy Designer, ThinkTank, and Lensbaby for a contest giveaway offering the chance to win one of six, high-end, professional photography tools that, like Photo Mechanic, help revolutionize your photography and workflow.

“The fastest browser on the planet just got faster! Faster than a hi-speed camera, Photo Mechanic 6 easily browses through my files faster than I can shoot them,” says photojournalist Nick Didlick​, twice nominated for a ​Pulitzer Prize​ and a ​National Newspaper Award​ winning photographer.

For a full list of features and capabilities please click ​here​. Key enhancements include:

2-3X Faster Viewing
Caching and rendering improvements make Photo Mechanic 6 up to 2-3 times faster than Photo Mechanic 5 for viewing and culling images.

Enables more and better caching of images, runs smoothly on current versions of both Windows and macOS.

Streamlined User Interface
Based on customer feedback, an improved and more efficient interface ​puts commonly used gadgets together, for a more compact and intuitive experience.

Ingest From Selection
Plug in a memory card, ingest only the images selected versus the entire card.

Reverse GPS Lookup
If photos are geotagged, Photo Mechanic will use those GPS coordinates to insert the city, state, and country names into the metadata.

Improved Slide Show
Multiple transitions including crossfade and add Tag, Color Class or Star Ratings during a Slide Show.

Better Fullscreen Mode
Fullscreen support on macOS and Windows for both the Contact Sheet and Preview windows (including both at the same time on different monitors).

Hot Codes/Code Replacement
When pasting text containing Code Replacements, all Codes are evaluated at once.

Better Crop Tool
Apply soft crops and rotations on JPG exports, with ability to preview.

Upload to Facebook
Upload from Photo Mechanic 6 to Facebook. In addition to sites like PhotoShelter, Flickr, and Dropbox, Facebook is now an option in the Uploader.

About Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits

Photo Mechanic​ by ​Camera Bits​, revered by thousands of professional photographers worldwide, is recognized as the fastest tool on the market, saving professionals valuable time when culling, captioning, organizing, and delivering thousands of photos on tight deadlines. Saving a few seconds per photo really adds up fast, and Photo Mechanic makes it easy to spend less time editing and more time taking photos. To learn more or take a tour of Photo Mechanic 6 please visit ​here​. ###
Media Contact:

Martin Levy
Jerome, Bruhn & Associates

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