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Likable Links Report

Welcome to Camera Bits’ Likable Links report! Each week, we’ll collect the news, trends, tips and images that piqued our interest to share with you. We hope you find it informative, insightful, and enjoyable!

Here are this week’s likable links:


20 Women Photographers to Inspire You Through 2020


Comical Portraits by Elke Vogelsang Reveal Dogs’ Fleeting Emotions



These are the Pioneering Women of Photojournalism 

Photojournalism has traditionally been a male-dominated field.

But throughout history, women have made their mark on the industry.

Yunghi Kim is one of them, and she wants to make sure her peers get the recognition they deserve. Especially those who started their career in the film era, before the advent of the digital camera.

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Ricoh’s New Spin-Out Company Brings 360 Cameras Into Focus

Vecnos wants to make 360-degree content mainstream, starting with its compact, wand-like camera.
There’s a new 360-degree camera in town, but it’s not made by any company you’ve heard of. Vecnos is a new brand, spun out of the Japanese company Ricoh, which is known for its imaging products and printers as well as some of the best 360 cameras around.

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Updated: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its Effect on the Photography Industry/

As the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues around the world, I thought I would gather together all the reported effects that it is having on the photography industry. This article will be updated periodically as things change.

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