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Tip Roundup: The Lastest #WorkflowWednesday Tips

Here at Camera Bits, we know that a fast, efficient workflow can be extremely helpful to photographers. That’s why we post helpful workflow tips every Wednesday using the hashtag #WorkflowWednesday

In case you missed last month’s tips, here’s a roundup of the latest #WorkflowWednesday posts. If you want to get updates on the tips, you can follow Photo Mechanic on Facebook and Twitter.


Summary of Photo Mechanic Menu Commands.


Tips on protecting data from loss.


Photographer Joseph Ellis shares his workflow tips.


Overview of Photo Mechanic captions.


Resizing and compressing images with Photo Mechanic’s Quality Slider.



Like these tips? Have any to add? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and follow us for tech support and more tips every #WorkflowWednesday.

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