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#BitsChat with Carrie Swails – Meet Carrie

Meet Carrie Swails, the guest of our next #BitsChat! Carrie will be joining us on August 23rd to chat about all things wedding photography. Join us on Facebook Live for the discussion!

Want to know more about Carrie? We’ll let her take it away from here…

Hello, fellow Photo Mechanic lovers! I am Carrie Swails and I’m just taking a moment to introduce myself to the Camera Bits community. I’m a wedding photographer and the owner of a few other businesses, Photography Awesomesauce, Rock Your Weird, and Made in the Lab. I have been photographing, nerdy, costumed, offbeat weddings and speaking and educating creatives and photographers for close to a decade. My website, Photography Awesomesauce, has helped almost 9 million readers get help with marketing and their photography business.

I am based in Colorado and I’m a huge advocate for getting more racial and LGBTQ equality in the wedding industry. I believe we have the power as creators to change the way weddings are marketed to engaged people. I want the wedding industry to more accurately reflect the kinds of people getting married. That way our clients can actually see themselves in our photos better. I specialize in photographing any weddings that are out of the ordinary. I believe that my nerdy, less traditional clients are the ones that I want to celebrate the most. It makes my job a ton of fun if I get to go to themed costume weddings or just work with especially unique people. I think it’s exposed me to a large diverse group and made me not just a better photographer, but also a better person.

When I took my wedding photography business full time in 2012 I started Photography Awesomesauce to document my journey and all the things I learned as I went. It led me to many other opportunities to help and educate other creatives. With a background in K-12 Art Education, teaching has and always will be a passion of mine. Teaching business and marketing strategies to other creatives fulfills a huge part of my heart. I love seeing that light bulb go off for a business owner when they’ve discovered something that will radically change their life.

My business advice and photography have been featured in places like the Bokeh Podcast, The Art of Six Figures,, Offbeat Bride, and countless others. I’m excited to be a part of the Camera Bits family and share some of my experiences with other photographers.

I have a husband with a world famous guacamole recipe, too many dogs and am a lifetime Tolkien nerd. I believe wine is like the force; it has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together. I am also a keen lover of unicorns, second breakfast and Michelle Obama’s arms. Looking forward to seeing the Camera Bits family soon for a live chat on Facebook Live! Join us August 23rd.

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