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Using the Find Feature in Photo Mechanic

We’ve been getting some questions about why there is no Spotlight Search in the Mac version of Photo Mechanic. This should help give some more information about that:

The search field in Photo Mechanic relied on macOS “Spotlight” functionality (and was only available in the Mac version) We found that the results were confusing for most users, since macOS Spotlight does not index XMP metadata in a useful way (e.g. People often used the Spotlight search box to search for keyworded images, and the search results were disappointing.) After so many issues with unhappy customers, our testing suggested that conscientious use of the Find feature in Photo Mechanic resulted in much more useful results for the vast majority of users.

Because of the widespread confusion, we went to work to come up with a better solution that worked for both Mac and PC versions. That will be the search functionality in the upcoming Photo Mechanic Plus. Continuing to have a Spotlight search in Photo Mechanic alongside the new search in the Catalog feature was even more confusing for users in tests.

We recommend getting to know the Find feature. We know that it works differently, but we believe that with practice, the results using it will be more useful. To learn more about the Find feature, we recommend you read this article in our Help Center. Photo Mechanic 6 users should also give the Catalog feature a try when the Limited Public Beta of Photo Mechanic Plus.

Learn more about Find feature in Photo Mechanic

We hope that this helps! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

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