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How to market your photography business with Carrie Swails

In case you missed the Facebook Live #BitsChat, you can watch it here! We talked about marketing and business strategies with wedding photographer and entrepreneur Carrie Swails. We got a ton of inspiration from talking to her, and we hope that you do too! Even though the live stream is over, you can still watch the discussion right here, or on the Camera Bits Facebook page.

Here are some notes on what Carrie discussed:

  • getting started with a business and growing that from the very start
  • how she got started with photographing offbeat weddings
  • the importance of planning time off
  • things that help her save time and be more efficient
  • marketing with Pinterest
  • advice for what to avoid (hint: get a camera with more than one memory card slot!)
  • how to not say “no” to clients
  • and more!


Join us for #BitsChat, a discussion about marketing, inspiration, and all things wedding photography with Carrie Swails. Save the date and let your friends know to check back here tomorrow at 12pm PT to chat!

Posted by Camera Bits, Inc on Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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